Pay with points

Points redemption programs are hard to scale because merchant integrations are complex and expensive. We let your customers pay with points at any merchant—anywhere in the world—with zero integration.

  • Lets your customer select your loyalty points as a funding source, delivered through their credit card or mobile wallet
  • Allows customers to pay entirely with points, or with points and another account of their choosing, in real-time, anywhere in the world
  • Lets you customise rewards however you like
  • Allows you to scale rewards redemptions globally, without the need to engage merchants
  • Integrates directly into your digital touchpoints, so you can use your own branding

Round-up capabilities

We let your customers “set and forget” round-ups of their purchases and have them go to different destinations—from savings to charity donations—with real-time notification every time they spend of the good that they are achieving.

  • Allows your customers to “set and forget” charitable giving or investment by enabling them to round up their transactions in real-time and either invest or donate to their favorite charity
  • Delivers real-time notification of their round-up and real-time reinforcement of their running weekly or monthly donation total
  • Enables social media linkage—the customer controls what is shared and when
  • Together with one of our fintech marketplace partners, GoodWorld, we help you enable real-time roundups and charity donation with social media linkage

Merchant-funded offer and digital gift cards

We allow your customers to redeem merchant-funded rewards, without the need to integrate to a single merchant.

  • Allows you to deliver merchant rewards at scale, with no merchant integration required
  • Enhances your merchant rewards program by connecting your rewards platform, your data analytics provider and the issuer platform
  • Delivers the merchant reward in real-time, at point of purchase
  • Allows distribution of virtual gift cards directly to your customers’ mobile app
  • Integrates merchant rewards directly into your mobile app and other digital touchpoints

Card controls, alerts and rules

Consumers expect increased levels of control and security. We give you a rich, configurable set of controls, alerts and rules, out of the box.

  • Allows you to configure payment controls and alerts, however you want
  • Integrates directly into your digital touchpoints with your branding and security
  • Gives your customers visibility to any digital merchant storing their card
  • Will continue to roll out new features, based directly on your requirements

Many cards and payment devices, any account

Issuing multiple cards introduces complexity, so we help you allow your customers to connect any of their accounts to a single credit card.

  • Lets your customers link any account on your platform (debit, savings, etc) to their primary card and pay with that account
  • Can be used with any of your customers’ current credit or debit cards without reissuing
  • Lets you issue a single card that customers can use for any funding source
  • Integrates directly into your digital touchpoints so you can use your own branding
  • Allows your customers to manage multiple payment cards and devices—including wearables
  • Enables usage of specialised accounts—such as Health Savings Accounts—without needing to issue customers specific debit cards associated with the account

On-demand virtual cards

Help your customers generate virtual cards—connected to their existing accounts—that work only at the online merchants or channels they choose.

  • Allows customers to generate single or recurring use “virtual cards / tokens,” connected to existing accounts
  • Lets your customers use virtual cards anywhere an ecommerce transaction occurs (e.g. online, IoT, digital wallets)
  • In case of a compromise, allows customers to cancel and replace virtual cards directly from your mobile app or website
  • Integrates directly into your digital touchpoints so you can use your own branding

Digital currencies

Moving into the future, customers want to pay with all their preferred Digital Currencies—including BitCoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc. Make it possible with our Smart Contract-based real-time settlement engine.

  • Gives customers the ability to pay with digital currency at any card-accepting-merchant globally, with real time settlement to the Blockchain
  • Loads digital currency into a Verrency-enabled wallet, without the need to develop and manage a full custodian offering
  • Lets customers keep the ability to manage and grow their currency as an investment until settlement (like an offset account)

And this is just the beginning. Our list of fintech marketplace services is growing every day.