Installment Loans

Verrency’s solution enables your customers to move any card purchases you deem eligible (including essential goods) to a longer term installment loan.

  • Remove the hassle for customers and the need for them to establish installment loans through merchants and third parties
  • Enable your customers to set or move a purchases to instalment loan before during or after the transaction takes place
  • Notify your customers of eligible purchases and special offers
  • Streamline activation through all channels (including in-app, online banking, web or SMS)

Round-up capabilities

Allow your customers to round-up purchases to seamlessly save, invest and donate. Customers can select purchases or use the  “set and forget” capability which will perform round-ups on all eligible transactions

  • Customers can choose to save, pay off debt, invest or donate by rounding-up to the nearest $1, $2 or chosen amount
  • Enable access to more than 5,000 charities or add your preferred charities
  • Allow limits and purchase eligibility to be set by your customers
  • Deliver real-time notifications of their round-ups and running totals for any period or chosen destination


Pay with Reward Points

Allow loyalty points to be spent like cash on everyday purchases in-store and online. Give customers access to this incremental source of liquidity in times of need.

  • Simply enable with NO merchant integration required
  • Allow points to be spent to cover for the full transaction, partial transaction or in blocks
  • Customize redemption rates to reward desired outcomes
  • Leverage your existing points bank or choose a Verrency partner
  • Customize to ensure program usage and profitability

Enable Cashbacks and Merchant Funded Offers

Provide your customers with cashbacks and merchant funded offers on everyday essentials when your card is used. 

  • No merchant integration required
  • Cashbacks can be redirected to savings, pay off loans, investments or converted to points
  • Expand dynamic programs to discretionary items during economic recovery
  • Reinforce value through the use of notifications (i.e. to tally up savings periodically)

Card Personalization- Dynamic Loyalty and Engagement

Upgrade your loyalty program by engaging your customers across their entire bank relationship by delivering personalized and dynamic benefit through their card. Verrency enables you to recognize each customer individually in real-time and dynamically change their benefits based numerous attributes. 

  • Recognize individual customer status based on micro-segments, product holdings or any chosen parameter
  • Enable choice of benefits to be individualized and bundled at anytime and without card re-issuance
  • Segment customers based on self identified personas
  • Reward customers for ongoing behaviors that:
    • Keep your card “top of wallet” or,
    • Provide incremental profits or,
    • Help others in time of need

And this is just the beginning. Our list of services is growing every day. Please contact us for our latest catalogue of powerful features