Today's consumers want more—here's what you need to keep up

Seamlessly pay with rewards

Deliver merchant-funded offers through any payment terminal. No point-of-sale integration.

Access instalment credit without POS integration

Let customers access instalment credit via their existing cards, without point-of-sale integration and keep the focus on their financial relationships.

Painless charitable giving

Enable your own round-up system to help customers donate to favorite causes with real-time notifications of their donations.

What Verrency means for your business

Financial institutions

Deliver new capabilities across your different portfolios without replacing your existing infrastructure, bringing together the best native services and fintech partners.



Connect your payments innovation to leading banks with our APIs.


How it works


Verrency enables a host of fintech capabilities—white-labeled—through one integration point to your bank’s existing technology stack. Engagement happens at the transaction level in real time. API capabilities are passed to your bank’s mobile, web and customer service applications. Your customers never see Verrency—they only see new features and services under your brand.

A recognised leader in payments innovation

Selected partners

An experienced team with global reach

Our team is passionate about innovation and experienced in banking, payments and technology innovation. With offices and teams around the world—and in the major global fintech hubs—we are able to serve you wherever you are and also bring the best of the world’s fintech services to you.